Our Cybersecurity Business


IP Licensing

Through our subsidiary, Finjan, we own a portfolio of patents related to cybersecurity software and hardware that proactively and dynamically detect malicious code. Finjan’s developed and patented technologies are capable of detecting previously unknown and emerging threats on a real-time, behavior-based basis. We intend to protect the value of our patent portfolio and maximize the economic benefits of our technologies through licensing.


Cybersecurity Consulting Services

In June of 2015 Finjan announced the launch of its new business, CybeRisk™ Security Solutions Ltd. to provide risk advisory services to customers, at the executive and board room level, globally.


Mobile Applications

In June of 2015 Finjan launched a new mobile application product for consumers, The Finjan Mobile Secure Browser available on the iOS and Android platforms. The browser provides a simple solution for protecting users mobile devices from the internet’s malicious content.


Investments in Innovation

In November of 2013 we invested in JVP VII Cyber Strategic Partners, L.P., an Israel-based venture capital fund, seeking to invest in early-stage cyber technology companies.

Finjan Company Timeline


Finjan Launches Security Product

Finjan's innovations and products helped define the state-of-the-art for detecting and deflecting software intrusions and malicious code. Finjan begins filing for patent protection and signs first industry OEM agreement.


Finjan Establishes Malicious Code Research Center (MCRC)

Finjan launched the MCRC as an open forum for Internet users to view Finjan and third-party security research, news, FAQs.


Product Sales Along Side Patent Licensing

Finjan has broadened its positive impact with a new focus on licensing its patented technologies. Today, Finjan’s revolutionary technologies can be found powering the products of high-profile industry leaders.


Finjan Divests Certain Hardware and Technology Assets To M86 (Trustwave)

Finjan continues to hold patents for various Web security technologies. Finjan appliances are still sold as Trustwave Secure Web Gateway today.


Finjan Renews Focus In Cybersecurity

Finjan becomes a publicly traded company with a dedicated management team, a refined strategy, and renewed focus in cybersecurity.  Finjan continues licensing its technology & patents, investing in innovation, and plans to develop new technology and services business.  Finjan is a NASDAQ listed company.


Public Company With Diversified Cybersecurity Platform

Finjan operates several lines of business including technology and patent licensing, advisory services, consumer security products and investments in innovation in the cybersecurity industry.