Behavior-Based Threat Detection

At Finjan, our online security innovation cultivates proprietary technology that is focused on proactively detecting threats by identifying patterns and behavior of online viruses and other malicious code, rather than relying solely on lists of existing or known coded threats.

The Facts


Data records were compromised across the globe


Organizations experience phishing attacks


A new malware attack occurs every 4.2 seconds

The History

Why do we see such astounding numbers each year?

New Technologies

New Endpoints

New Threats

The Problem

The industry’s original solution was a reactive signature-based detection. These methods prevent attacks from existing malware but expose systems to unknown threats.

The Solution

How do you identify a previously unknown threat before it strikes? By using behavior-based threat detection. Proactively protect against the threat of malicious code by identifying risky behaviors, rather than relying solely on lists of existing or known code threats.

Option A: Cleaning

Option A: Cleaning

For some files containing risky code, cleaning is an option. Mobile Code Replacement allows for the offending pieces of code to be removed and the file to be passed on without it.

Option B: Sandbox

Option B: Sandbox

Risky files can now be isolated and run in a secure environment where they cannot cause harm.

Clean, secure file delivered. Not deleted.