Finjan supports a balanced approach to patent reform and believes that the original intent for granting ownership rights to inventors - a U.S. patent system that promotes innovation will strengthen the U.S. economy - remains true today. As shown in our schematic, we propose reforms which restrict abusive patent behaviors on the one hand while incentivizing good faith licensing and enforcement practices on the other hand. Specifically, those who comply with certain transparent and elevated standards on ownership disclosure, notice letters, claim charts, Complaints, and efficient use of the judicial system should be exempt from the currently proposed reforms, such as fee-shifting, bond requirements, one-side discovery reforms, and joinder, otherwise imposed on abusive patent owners. Without the exemption, ethical individual innovators, startups, and small established companies who each contribute significantly to the US's global role as a leader in innovation will face challenges in direct conflict with their due process rights. Join us in supporting this proposal.

Upon request we are able to provide a comprehensive toolkit for legislators and policy makers – please send inquires to